About Us: RIAS Toolbox

Various applications of the RIAS include:

Analysis of interactions across medical and health care contexts, including:
            o Adult primary care
            o Emergency medicine
            o OB/GYN
            o Family planning
            o Surgical visits
            o Oncology
            o Pediatrics
            o Dentistry
            o Veterinary medicine
            o Genetics counseling
            o Telemedicine
            o Nursing
            o Mental health
            o Podiatry
            o Adolescent Medicine
            o Psychiatry

Analysis of multiple speaker dyads (e.g., primary doctor-patient; primary doctor-3rd party; veterinarian-client; pediatrician-parent; pediatrician-child; medical assistant-patient; nurse-3rd party)

Communication skills training programs, including residency and medical student training, and CME programs.

Measure extent of use of motivational interviewing skills

Second language interactions, including interactions in Spanish, Japanese, etc.

Sequence analysis

Thin-slice analysis